• Juice your food and lose your Tummy Control Underwear

    This is a post about how having the right mental attitude towards your life choices will make you slimmer without dieting and will help you avoid the need to getting your tummy control underwear out of the wardrobe.

    Ha ha i here you laughing at me and are saying i have tried every diet and they dont work except the ones where you starve yourself. My advice do not worry about dieting if you change your mental attitude towards life you will not need to and the easdiest way to do this is..... JUICING.....

    With juicing you are on a win win. Firstly you get so many more micro nutrients in to your body easilt. Your boby absorbs them really easily so as to make the most of what you are putting in to it. A glass of juiced vegetables or fruit helps to fill you up so you wont feel as hungry between meals.

    Most importantly though by the act of juicing you are going to the effort of seeking out what is best for your body both for fruit and veg. As different ones have different beneficial properties. Once you start this process you automatically start thinking about other lifestyle choices that you make. Which helps to change your whole attitude towards all aspects of your life. Or it has mine anyway. You will then be looking at ways of leaving your tummy control underwear where it belongs in the wardrobe. As you have managed to lose those pounds through mental strength and attitude.

    Give it a go all you need is a vegetable drink in the morning and a fruit one in the afternoon. You may just be amazed at the results it has not only for your weight but on your whole life.



  • Tummy,Bum and waist control high waist shorts.

    This is just a quick post about some tummy, bum and waist high waist shorts i bought off of amazon. That i will add the main reason being that they were cheap and so were worth a punt to see if they were any good. The end result i am very satisfied with my purchase in terms of money spent. I only paid just under £8 for these shorts so as i have already said not a lot of money outlay to see what i thought.

    Quality wise i know they probably will not last as long as some of the othe rmakes that are much more expensive. As though i wont be wearing them all the time hopefully they will do me a good service.

    The picture i have put above is only a representative. As the picture i kept trying to upload would not work. Either that or my computer skills are still lacking. Which in reality they certainly are. This picture was the closest i could get in length down the legs and above the tummy. For a better look check out the url i have put in http://www.amazon.co.uk/Control-Tummy-Thigh-Shorts-Black/dp/B0098280QW/ref=pd_sim_ap_2 Looking at that url that is probably the longest one i have ever copied it nearly took up a whole line what is going on. That is enough of that though. What was my verdict on these tummy bum and waist high waist shorts.

    My verdict for the money i paid is very good. They are high enough above the tummy to pull everything in nicely and avoiding the pushing of unsightly bulges above the top of the shorts.

    They also come far enough down the leg to have the same effect. I have always tried to buy these type as the shorter ones always produce bulges where they end and help in one area but just make you look worse in others which in my opinion just defeats the whole object of wearing them in the first place.

    The fabric could be a little better but for what you pay for them you cannot really complain. So overall for a very cheap pair of tummy bum and waist control high waist shorts you could do a lot worse than a pair of these from amazon.




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